Animated series centering on four middle school friends on their quest for fame on L.A.'s Fairfax Avenue.





Season 1 - Fairfax
29 Oct 2021
"When Melody throws a pool party to celebrate her verified status on social media, Truman helps Dale gain followers to get into the party, while Derica puts Benny on a super-cleanse."
29 Oct 2021
"Locke finds a hatch, and Sawyer discovers that-- Wait, wrong show. Fieldtrip time! The Gang Gang goes to an old folks home!"
29 Oct 2021
"The internet makes Dale question his Dad hate; meanwhile, Derica finds a runaway whale in the LA River. What the fook?!"
29 Oct 2021
"The Gang Gang goes to Chernobylfest, a music festival of Pollution and Radiation, hosted by Yung Polluter and the Litter Gang."
29 Oct 2021
"Don cheats on Betty-- sh*t wrong show again! Benny tries out for the E-sports team as Truman learns the pitfalls of cinema verite. Meanwhile, Derica becomes Dale\u2019s campaign manager as he runs in a heated race for Spirit Chair."
"No description"
29 Oct 2021
"Season finale. Ross calls Emily \u201cRachel\u201d on the altar, and the Gang Gang gets to meet their hero."